Perfectly designed graphics, decals, and stickers for your vehicle. All of our graphics were inspired from our Jeep trail decals and tested on the Rukse vehicle. We have designed each sticker to look great on your vehicle and make a personal statement. See all of our great decals and let your style show!

From a simple yet stylish business logo to a wild and extreme super graphic statement our
goal is to get you and your vehicle noticed! See our Rukse Jeep go from bland to wow! From not getting noticed to being a brand beacon down every road we travel.

From the idea of decking out our own Rukse Jeep comes additional vinyl design graphics for your car, Jeep, Truck/SUV or other vehicle. We can custom make any decal, we currently offer, in most colors and fonts. Or we can make custom graphic packages to brand your vehicle to your personality. Our goal is to promote your business, personality, or event to the world through Rukse creative graphics.

Vehicle Decals, Stickers, and Graphics

JEEP WRANGLER HOOD SIDE DECALS:  These let you make a statement on the side of the hood on your Jeep Wrangler, Custom decals are available in any size, and we can even make them for your car, truck, or SUV.


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Jeep Model Designation Decals: Our customers love to show off what model Jeep they have. This is a badge of honor and shows the world which team you are on. Whether it is XJ ZJ or WJ or maybe you are on Team Wrangler YJ TJ JK or CJ. It doesn’t matter we all do the Jeep Wave but this is how we do it…by showing which model we have.


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JEEP AND OFF-ROAD TRAIL DECALS: We thought of a great way to proudly display the trails you have conquered. We started with Moab, UT with more from other areas to come soon. Trail packs of 5 or more stickers are available with a free “I Survived” decal.



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DOOR, WINDOW, OR SIDE DECALS:  Sometimes you want something to stick on your door or the side of your vehicle. These are great door and side decals that stand out and proclaim to the world, “Hey Its Me”.


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SIDE MINI GRAPHIC WRAPS:  When you want to make a huge statement but don’t want to spend a lot, a mini wrap is the perfect answer to get your message across without breaking the budget. Whether you want to brand your business, support a cause, or just want to add some pizzazz this is the perfect way!

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See some great examples of decals displayed on vehicles we have seen on the road.