Fuel Tabs

Increase MPG, Better Mileage, Lowers Emissions, Cleans Engines…Fuel Tabs are like getting free gas at every fill up…

What if I told you these fuel tabs can save you money on gas. What if I said all you have to do is add one pill to each fill up and you could get 1-2 more gallons of fuel savings. One pill that costs less than $1.00 per use can save you up to $3.00-$8.50 per fill up! That’s real measurable savings. One bottle of 50 pills costs less than most fill ups and can save you big money. Even if it didn’t save you a dime, its ability to burn fuel better and lower emissions means you will help extend the life of your engine and help the environment. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR start saving today!


  • Improves fuel economy, generates more power, reduces emissions, burns fuel more completely
  • Tested by independent labs to ensure you get real measurable savings
  • Removes deposits and decreases fuel consumption
  • Burns fuel more completely so your engine stays cleaner, prevents damaging build-up caused by un-burnt fuel or recirculated contaminants
  • Reduces emissions and lower exhaust temperatures
  • Extends engine oil life, extends equipment life, and decreases octane requirements
  • Accelerates the rate of combustion of hard-to-burn hydrocarbon molecules
  • Break down large fuel particles that are hard to burn completely and complete the final stages of the combustion reaction for more complete burn

Rukse Fuel Tabs comes in 10 tab packets for convenience and is great for everyday commuters, travelers in RV’s and automobiles, and weekend fun seekers. Super Saving sizes of 50 or 100 tabs are available for those committed to large scale fuel savings and doing their part to help the environment. Look for Rukse Fuel Tabs in your local retail outlet in our convenient easy to buy retail counter packaging. If they don’t carry Rukse Fuel Tabs then ask them to give us a call. Rukse Fuel Tabs are gasoline fuel tabs for automobiles and combustion vehicles.



You know whats really funny is some people don’t believe that Rukse Fuel Pills will help them save money on fuel. All we can ask is that you try our product and see the savings add up.

For even more savings try our Metal Guard engine treatment. With its ability to treat the metal and not the oil it provides extra lubricity and more power. More power means increased oil pressure and better fuel mileage.

Rukse race octane booster increases octane up to 7.5 and is like race gas. So if you put 92 octane in your tank our race octane booster will make it 99.5 octane. Increased horsepower, decreased emissions, and increased combustion temperatures means increased fuel efficiency.

So what are you waiting for start saving money today!

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O7-1010F FuelTabs 10 Tablet Foil Pack

Great to put in your glove box or to give as gifts.

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O7-1010P FuelTabs 10 Tablet Foil Pack 20 Units Retail Box

Perfect to put in a retail environment to sell. Comes in a retail box with 20 foil packs of ten pills.

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O7-1050B FuelTabs 50 Tablet Bottle

Perfect for larger trucks, SUVs, and RVs.

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O7-1099B FuelTabs 100 Tablet Bottle

Perfect for multiple vehicles, fleets, and business owners with multiple vehicles.

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Get rid of $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon gas prices. Say no to rising fuel costs. Improve your fuel economy easily and conveniently. Rukse Fuel Tabs offer a quick and easy way to improve fuel economy and extend the life of your engine. At every fill up simply drop a Rukse Fuel Tabs tablet into your fuel tank and watch the savings add up. Imagine having more money to pay for the things you really want. Household fuel budgets are always increasing and Rukse Fuel Tabs can help reduce the money you spend on fuel all the while helping the environment.