Fuel BoostFuel Savings Product, Increase MPG, Lower Emissions, and Cleans Engine…

Octane7 Fuel Boost by Rukse is a liquid version of our Fuel Tabs and is a quick and cost-effective way to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and extend the useful life of engine components.


  • Removes Harmful Deposits
  • Decreases Fuel Consumption (use less gas)
  • Reduces Emissions (your car will be greener)
  • Lower Exhaust Temperatures
  • Extends Engine Oil Life
  • Extends The Parts In Your Engine
  • Decreases Octane Requirements
  • Better MPG

Fuel Boost has been tested extensively by independent labs. They have been shown to reduce carbon particulate emissions and improve fuel combustion. The fuel savings are apparent but more importantly

Fuel Boost will provide real, measurable savings and cleaner running engines.

Fuel Boost accelerates the rate of combustion of hard-to-burn hydrocarbon molecules.

Fuel Boost breaks down large fuel particles that are hard to burn completely.

Fuel Boost helps to complete the final stages of the combustion reaction for more complete burn.

Fuel Boost Improves fuel economy, generates more power, reduces emissions, burns fuel more completely so your engine stays cleaner, prevents damaging build-up caused by unburnt fuel or recirculated contaminants, and saves you money.

You’ll actually lose money every time you don’t put Fuel Boost in your tank.

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