Diesel, Gas, And Oil Additives Give Your Vehicle High Performance

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Octane7 Octane Booster Boosts Octane Rating up to 7.5 Ron Yes Its Like Race Gas!

Octane7 Boost: Octane Boost off-road formula is a great way to maintain fuel economy and increase performance on the track. Octane Boost raises up to 7.5 octane. Go from 92 octane to 99 octane..its like race gas in a bottle.

Get Better Fuel Mileage and Help Clean Up your Emissions.

Fuel Boost: Gasoline Combustion Catalyst Improves MPG, and Helps Lower Emissions, a great liquid fuel additive that is pour and go. It cleans your engine, improves combustion, and can increase mileage.

Diesel Boost: Diesel Combustion Catalyst reduces Black Soot, increases MPG, and improves combustion. Simply pour the entire contents of the bottle after you fill up and see a decrease in black smoke and can produce more power.

Fuel Tabs: Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Catalyst Tablets, increase MPG, cleans your engine, reduces emissions, and helps improve combustion. Easy to use fuel tabs come in convenient tab form. All you do is pop them in your gas tank before you fill up and watch the savings grow!

Fuel Powder: Fuel Powder Combustion Catalyst More MPG for Smaller Engines up to 7 gallons, everything our Fuel Tabs are but in a powder form. Great as a fuel stabilizer, combustion enhancer, and smoke reducer. Just pour and go in your small engine.

Engine Oil Additives Reduce Friction and Heat. Protects your Engine.

Metal Guard: Engine Treatment Conditions Metal Protects Parts and Reduces Friction, the perfect oil additive treats the metal not the oil for superior friction reduction and increased engine life.

High Performance Fuel and Oil Additives Resource Section.

Frequently Asked Questions: Some of the most asked questions about our Octane7 booster and other high performance additives.