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Increases Horsepower*, Improves Efficiency, Its Like Race Gas in a Bottle...

Our new Ruk OctaneBoost helps improve your race vehicle by increasing octane, engine combustion temperature, and decreasing fuel emissions. Octane is simply a measure of how slowly gasoline burns. The higher the octane number, the slower the flame burns. The best octane boosters will raise octane allowing you to advance timing to gain performance. Most octane boosters on the market raise gasoline octane between two to eight points. The higher the octane-raising effect of a particular octane booster, the greater the effect on engine combustion and vehicle performance.

A typical octane booster will normally contain one of the following ingredients: glycerol, ethano, or methylpropanol. All of these ingredients are octane-enhancing chemicals. The use of octane booster raises gasoline octane, which increases engine combustion and temperature; this increased temperature causes more of the fuel entering an engine to be burned in the higher combustion heat, instead of whole, unburned fuel being released through the vehicle exhaust system and exiting the tailpipe. Octane Boost is a great way to maintain fuel economy and increase performance on the track. Octane Boost raises up to 7.5 octane. Go from 92 octane to 99 octane..its like race gas.


- Raises gasoline octane rating significantly.
- Increase engine combustion temperatures.
- Decreases engine emissions.
- Gives you power when you want it.
- Perfect for racers who want an edge.


- #1612C - 12 Ounce Bottle - Case of 6
- #1632C - 32 Ounce Bottle - Case of 6

* this product alone does not increase horsepower it allows you to run your vehicle at higher performance with more protection.