How to Break In your Newly Ceramic Coated Exhaust Headers

So you want to get your headers coated to protect them  from the elements, have them run cooler, and gain extra performance. Well before you do this you must make sure you correctly break them in. Below are some tips on how to install your headers for the first time.

After installing the headers follow these tips to insure they do not over heat.

Make sure the engine, or the new components installed are completely broken in before you re-install your newly coated headers.

1. Make sure the air to fuel mixture is correct. Being to lean will overheat the headers and running to rich can also damage the headers.

2. Put a large fan to push hot air away from the engine.

Before any ceramic coating is applied to a set of headers or exhaust components on a new engine or major engine modification that require a tune it is the best practice to break the engine in before the coating is applied to the parts.  The reason for this concern is if the engine is not tuned properly the headers and other exhaust components can get over heated.  If the components are glowing red hot you may have reached a temperate limit with some ceramic coatings that are applied to exhaust.  In any case this extreme temperature on the headers can ruin some ceramic coatings.  The coating could discolor, crack or even delaminate and come off completely.  This is not characteristic of ceramic coatings so you need to make sure you do your research before you choose a ceramic coating.  Some have higher temperature ratings and offer different benefits.  Make sure to consult with a coating professional for thoughts and opinions before you move forward with any work.

See our high performance ceramic coatings page for more information on our colors and ceramic coatings.

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