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When you send in pictures, reviews or testimonials* of your installation or product, we will send you a free gift and enter you into a drawing to win more. Simply contact us at 801-872-7976 or email us your idea and we will make sure you are well taken care with one of the free giveaways below.

If you own a Jeep, Truck, or other vehicle and we have a product that will fit it, then we need each other. We will give you the product at wholesale or cost if you will try it out and send us photos of it installed. So if you want a great deal on something you are going to buy anyway then let us know and lets help each other out. Call us at 801-872-7976 for more details. Or browse our store for some of our great products.

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*By sending in your photos, reviews or testimonials, you are allowing Rukse and it’s websites to use this information in showing off Rukse products. Primarily, images will be used in customer showcase galleries. No further compensation will be given.