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Door Limit Strap Kits are Here in Fun Colors

Door Limit Strap - What is It? So we have

Jeeps in the News for Fall 2016

Jeeps in the News There are several Jeeps in the

New MADE IN USA Stainless Steel Antennas Come in Many Colors

We just started to release our new Made in USA

10 Things All Jeep Wrangler Owners Do

This is simply a great graphic from ASKAJEEPER.COM that show

New Rukse LED Interior Jeep Wrangler JK Lights give a Clean Bright Look

LED Interior Jeep Wrangler JK Lights are Bright You know

How To Pick The Right Size Front Bumpstop for Jeep Cherokee XJ

Normally a Jeep Cherokee XJ has parts that fit universally

  • Dodge Ram Polyurethane 2wd Spacers

Why use polyurethane for bushings and spacers?

So why should we use polyurethane for the bushings and

Not All Flashlights are Created the Same

There Are A Lot of Flashlights out There and We

Mud – Tips and Techniques

Offroading is fun. Mud is better. Mudding tips and techniques

Some Random Thoughts About Jeeps and the Parts that Go on Them

We would like to take some time to give you

The great outdoors. Time to dig out your backpack.

There are things your should know and things you should

Jeep Coil Spring Lift Kit and Isolators: Popular option for up to 2″ lift on a budget

Why do we sell so many polyurethane spacers? Our polyurethane

Great Rukse 2015 Graphic Decal Sticker Contest

It is that time of year again. Time for you

Rukse Introduces a New Line of Jeep 3 Inch Spacers

W e have introduced a new line of Jeep 3

How to Improve Fuel Economy Without Gas Additives

Now we know about fuel additives, but there is still

Where to go in Utah to test out your new off-road vehicle

Well a fun place to go is right up Farmington

How to package your parts to send to us for coating

Some quick and simple guidelines for packaging your parts for shipping that everyone should follow so they don’t end up having to file a claim for damaged parts.

Top seller: Cherokee XJ Crankcase Vent Tube Fitting

The crankcase vent tube gets worn easily. Replacement from the

Heavy Duty Dodge Ram Control Arms

RUKSE Heavy Duty Fixed and Adjustable Dodge Ram Control arms

Cabin Air Filter Assembly Adds Fresh Air to Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

Did you know that your Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (years

Fun in the car. Let it go and be safe.

Couldn't help but smile at the way these guys nailed

Don’t let bad wiper blades get you down

It's a fact of life that your car's wiper blades

Celebration of Lime Green in Honor of St Patricks Day


A new shifter knob for 5-speed AX-15 transmission

You're a shifty type person - in a good way.

That Glorious Shifter Boot Bezel for Jeep Cherokee XJ and Wrangler TJ

Some people don’t even pay attention to something like a

Have your wondered why Jeeps are better?

If you've ever wondered why Jeeps are better than trucks,

Funny Craigslist Ad: Wrangler For Sale

This has been blowing around the internet for a few

Replace a missing or damaged coolant cap

Coolant caps often break off and go missing. Fortunately, replacing

  • Fuel Nozzle Filling Station

Rounding to the nearest dollar at the gas pump

I usually stop the pump at about 85-90 cents and

Snowboarding in NYC is better behind a Jeep

Casey Neistat snowboards on the New York City streets. Pulled

Add A Leaf Kits is a great way to lift and restore your Jeep

Why we sell add a leaf lift kits? Adding height

Cars with a Pretty Face

These are just another pretty face with a great grille.

Top 10 Weirdest Auto Sports

Here is our list of top 10 weird auto sports.

Vehicle Rollovers and How to Prevent Them

Rollovers are dangerous incidents that have a higher fatality rate

How do you like your Jeep?

We asked how clean people like to keep their Jeeps.

Unusually popular products, maybe it’s time you get yours

We offer thousands of products on our various selling venues.

DIY WRENCHING TIPS: before working on your car

These time-honored tips have been synthesized over years of mechanical

Driving safely down the road

I asked a fellow employee about the idea of writing

Jeep Suggested Maintenance Schedule

We get a lot of questions on when you should

Top 10 addons that make your Jeep a bad-a@@ machine

You have to admit that this is one sick looking

Top 10 Items to Upgrade your Jeep with after a Lift Kit

So you are a Jeep lover, sensible, but love to

Jeep Wrangler JK Installation – Front Leveling Kit TIPS

We finished doing an installation of our JK Wrangler, finally.

Firestone Air Springs Installation Tips

Firestone's Air Helper Springs are high quality products capable of improving

Jeep Tie Rod Flip Kit: Improve Ground Clearance

The JEEP HIGH STEER KIT for Dana 30 axle flips

OEM vs Aftermarket: Tips for Auto Owners

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Aftermarket: Tips for Auto Owners

Jeep Tech Tips: Rear Brake Line Cherokee XJ

Many people ask why the rear brake line is so

Air helper springs improve load handling and ride quality

Firestone Air Springs Millions of big over-the-road diesel trucks rely

Auto rated fire extinguisher with roll bar carrier

If you’ve ever seen a car on fire, it’s a grim and helpless scene. Everything about the vehicle says “keep on burning to the ground”. And that’s what often happens. If a fire starts, it continues until it totally destroys the vehicle. Forums and question boards are filled with sad stories of vehicles being burned. It is, at very least, a huge inconvenience. Obviously, you can imagine the worst that can happen. It's time to get a fire extinguisher for your car.

Plasti Dip Application Tips

Plasti Dip is a great super versatile coating that can

How a clutch works, a simple animation

Today, clutch replacement (or release bearing replacement) is expensive. Proper

Jeep Engine Designation and Wheel Base Measurements by Model

See model designations on our tech page by clicking here,

  • Wrangler JK Mirror Relocation

Mirror Relocation Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK

The new Jeep Wrangler JK makes it easy to remove

  • Fuel Nozzle Filling Station

Some Last Minute Fuel Tips

The fuel system is key to your car running smoothly.

Repairing rock chips in easy steps

Rock chips happen all the time when you're out, especially

A hood lock kit deters would-be vandals and thieves

Whether you’ve done a lot of engine modifications or not

9 Tips to Make Sure your Car is Ready for Winter, its not too Late!

Winter can be one of the harshest seasons for your

The All New 2014 Jeep Cherokee Is Here

The long awaited Jeep Cherokee model is back. And we

Snowmobile Season: Expansion Chamber Coating Before and After Photos

It's almost here, that's right, winter will soon be upon

Quick Oil Change Drain Valve Make it Easy to Change Oil

New product being offered by RSTGarage are EZ OIL Drain

Peach Days Classic Car Show Photos

Among the many assets of Brigham City is the history

Jeep Suspension Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures of suspension systems under various Jeeps.

Guess what Car this Grille Comes from?

These are photos from the Brigham City 2013 Peach Days

Moab Trail and Difficulty Rating List, Ride Em, Get a Sticker to Prove It

Rukse is proud to announce it’s JeepandOffroadParts line

Rukse Manufactures Machined Polyurethane Limited Edition Red Heavy Duty Jeep 1 Inch Lift Spacers

RELEASE: Ruk Development Inc. (Rukse), an innovator and manufacturer of

Octane7 Fuel Additives Answers What is Winter Grade Fuel?

Do you ever wonder why you seem to get worse

Jeep Model Designation Chart

What does the Jeep designations XJ TJ ZJ JK really

Jeep Transmission Guide

The following is a list of Jeep transmissions and the

Jeep Transfer Case Quick Guide

Below is a quick guide to the Transfer Case models

Top 15 Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs and Save Money on Fuel

We all seem to have to drive. It is part

How to Break In your Newly Ceramic Coated Exhaust Headers

So you want to get your headers coated to protect

5 Things that Ruin Expensive Exhaust Systems and Turbo Parts

So you just spent thousands over dollars on a new

Top Ten Reasons to Coat your Pistons with our Thermal Barrier and SDF Ceramic Coating

When researching ceramic coatings you will find what is most

Header Wraps: to Wrap or not to Wrap that is the Question?

People are always looking for a good way to reduce

Rukse is proud to sponsor the Blessings in a Basket Big Tough Girl 5K

If you or someone you know has been touched by adoption this is a GREAT cause to run for…..OR if you are just looking for an AWESOME and FUN 5K to run then this is the place….and you get to support a local charity organization at the same time.

Press Release: Rukse Receives 2013 Best of Sandy Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ruk Development Inc. Receives 2013

Toyota Truck and SUV Model Designations

What are the Toyota Truck and SUV Models? Read on