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I Have a Question on RK4010 Trasfer Case Drop Kit my XJ has 2 Studs and 2 Bolts?

A lot of Jeep Cherokee XJ models have this setup where there are 2 studs and 2 bolts making this seem like our transfer case wont fit. But fear not as the studs are completely removable and are replaced with our supplied bolts. You may need some elbow grease […]

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Will your lift kits work on my already installed lift kit? I own a Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Generally lift spacers will work on aftermarket coil springs and provide extra lift. Add A Leafs generally will not work with aftermarket leaf packs, buy you can use block, shackle, and other rear lift kits that do not inhibit already installed spacers or leaf packs.

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Does your ZJ extreme drop pitman arm work on my 2003 WJ Grand Cherokee?

At this time we have not tested the extreme drop pitman arm for fitment on the Grand Cherokee WJ 2003 model. The ZJ extreme pitman arm works on the following Jeep Cherokee XJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ, and Wrangler TJ.

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What are the Jeep pitman arm dimensions?

RK3507: Jeep Cherokee XJ Wrangler TJ Grand ZJ Extreme Drop Pitman Arm

Length center to center: 6.5″
Height: 5″
Application: Grand – up to 5″ lift, other up to 8″ lift

RK3500-3506: Jeep Cherokee XJ Wrangler TJ Grand ZJ Drop Pitman […]

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