Fuel and Oil Additives

How long have Octane7 Fuel Tabs been available?

This product was first developed in a liquid form. It has been used in heavy equipment and industrial applications for years. The liquid product is used around the world and is available from our commercial division in drums, gallons and smaller bottles. Fuel Tabs is the culmination of the […]

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Will I fail emissions testing when I use Fuel Tabs?

For most cars newer than 1985, Fuel Tabs will turn a failing car into a passing one. We are confident enough that we offer the ” Emissions Test Guarantee “. Please call or email for more details.

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Will Fuel Tabs work in bio-diesel?

Fuel Tabs work very well with bio diesel fuel. Significant reductions in NO2, NOX, CO, O2, emissions have been recorded. This product also keeps the temperature of fuel lower, which is better for the engine.

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Will Fuel Tabs work in any motor?

This product will work in any motor. We have tested this in trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, lawn mowers, as well as in heavy equipment, over-the-road trucks, and more. More and more stories are coming in from satisfied users who use Fuel Tabs in some unique applications.

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How many MPG will I gain using Fuel Tabs?

The increase in MPG depends on several factors. Under monitored driving situations, there have been increases in fuel economy by as much as 15-20%. Some vehicles will see more moderate improvements. By and large, it is less expensive to add a Fuel Tab to the tank than not. You’ll […]

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