To become a dealer of our products please request a dealer packet on the form below.


  • Access to over 100s of products with great profit margins. Order DIRECTLY from our store, process drop ships and pay for them online and have our fulfillment service process your package with blind shipping and your return address. The package will look like it came from you. We can even create custom labels or package stickers if you like.
  • We can private label or custom build your own product you can brand and sell as you own. We can offer you raw products, labels, or fully packaged and labeled products. We can also build each of our products to unique specifications so you can enhance or add to your own product line.
  • Over twenty years of experience in eCommerce, Market Place, and Assisted Selling Site sales.
  • Complimentary spreadsheet of information to list on assisted selling sites like Amazon and eBay.
  • No buy in is required. Prepaid freight on orders of a certain dollar amount.
  • High resolution studio product photos. Quick product videos.
  • Listing on our dealer network and orders could be forwarded to you for fulfillment if they are in your geographic area.

and much much more… So become a dealer today.

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Showroom and Warehouse: 9487 S. 500 W., Sandy UT 84070

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