Jeep Shock Boots also Universal for Trucks and Other

More Colors than a Rainbow with “Shocking” Results and Superior Protection…

Calling all owners of cool vehicles, we have awesome shock boots for Jeeps trucks and SUVs. These RUKSE SUPER high quality shock boots help protect the chrome-hardened piston rod from dirt, dust, mud and other contaminants.

“So What” you say, well these contaminants can work themselves into the shock body severely compromising the performance of your shock.

These are made of pliable poly-vinyl material and install over the shock piston (one end of the shock must be removed from the vehicle). Zip ties are also included to secure the shock boot.

Shock Boots for Jeeps Trucks and SUVs are So Colorful…

Besides protecting your shock they also add BLING to your vehicle. Its like accessorizing, and we all know how important the right accessories are to complete the outfit.

We sell shock boots in sets of four, and in our more popular colors sets of 4 (regular shock setup), sets of 5 (for regular shock setup and steering stabilizer), and sets of 6 (for front dual shock setups). So what are you waiting for…get this cool upgrade today!

Rukse shock boots come in multiple colors. Our most popular is lime (fluorescent) green. Can you believe that? Other popular colors are fluorescent orange, hot pink, royal blue, red, black, and forest green.

See all of our great colors below:

FLUORESCENT COLORS SHOCK BOOTS – Lime Green Shock Boots and Bright Orange Shock Boots.

SOLID COLORS SHOCK BOOTSRed Shock Boots, Royal Blue Shock Boots, Black Shock Boots, and Forest Green Shock Boots.

BRIGHT COLORS – Yellow Shock Boots, and Hot Pink Shock Boots.

UNIQUE AND ODDBALL COLORS Teal Shock Boots, Gray Shock Boots, Purple Shock Boots, Light Blue Shocks, Clear Shock Boots, and White Shock Boots.

D-RING ISOLATOR AND SHOCK BOOT KITS – Get our shock boots paired with other great products.




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