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How to Improve Fuel Economy Without Gas Additives

Now we know about fuel additives, but there is still a huge part of the population who thinks that fuel additives dont help with fuel economy. And they are partly correct. The increase in MPG does not come from the additives miracle benefit but from the ability the product […]

Some Last Minute Fuel Tips

The fuel system is key to your car running smoothly. The fuel system feeds the engine the gas/diesel it requires to run. If any part of the fuel system isn’t running properly it can lead to major problems. Follow these simple tips to keep your fuel system in top […]

Octane7 Fuel Additives Answers What is Winter Grade Fuel?

Do you ever wonder why you seem to get worse gas mileage in the winter compared to the summer?

There are a few factors that contribute to this. I will focus on the biggest, which is the switch from Summer Grade fuel to Winter Grade fuel. Not all states across […]

Top 15 Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs and Save Money on Fuel

We all seem to have to drive. It is part of the American dream to own a car and go where you, want when you want.

But with rising fuel costs it seems like the dream is slowly turning into a night mare. But you can do some things to […]