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    New MADE IN USA Stainless Steel Antennas Come in Many Colors

New MADE IN USA Stainless Steel Antennas Come in Many Colors

We just started to release our new Made in USA stainless steel antennas, they come in a variety of colors, and fit almost every vehicle. These are truly a great antenna, with sizes that range from 3″ to 21″ inches.
Lets face, nowadays a lot of parts […]

Why use polyurethane for bushings and spacers?

So why should we use polyurethane for the bushings and spacers we manufacture here at Rukse? Well that is a good question. Because there are so many different materials that can be used. Including aluminum, steel, cast metal, plastics, rubber, and others. But only a few of these materials […]

Not All Flashlights are Created the Same

There Are A Lot of Flashlights out There and We Use Only the Best of Them in Our Kits
Today’s flashlights are different. They are brighter, they last longer, and they utilize the finest material to be lighter and more durable. But with those advances there have been many cheaper […]

The great outdoors. Time to dig out your backpack.

There are things your should know and things you should take when you head for the great outdoors to go hiking, trail running or any other activity. When you’re ready to go out in this incredible world of ours, make sure you’re ready with a few essentials.
Go On and […]

Great Rukse 2015 Graphic Decal Sticker Contest

It is that time of year again. Time for you guys to get out your creative minds, rev up those creative juices and participate in our Graphic – Decal – Sticker contest. That’s right, this is where you tell us what would make a great decal or sticker for […]